Find Voter, Address, or Parish Specific Information

Search by Voter If you know your voter registration information, choose "By Voter" where you can supply your first and last names, and either your month and year of birth or your zip code.
Search by Address If you do not remember your voter registration information, choose "By Address" where you can see information pertaining to that address, but not specific to you as a voter.
Search by Parish If you would like to see generic elections and voting information for your parish, choose the "By Parish" search.

This secure web application can be used to find voter registration and elections information. Searching by voter yields the most specific information about a registered voter in Louisiana. Searching by address provides information about all voters at an address. Searching by parish provides general voting and elections information for a parish.

The information contained on this site is encrypted. Information considered private (social security number, e-mail address, full date of birth, mother’s maiden name and entitlement to assistance in voting) is not available on the website. A voter record is not linked to an address record and the address records are not linked to voters in order to further protect information about registrants. If your voter registration record is fully protected from disclosure under Louisiana law, please contact your Registrar of Voters for information.

A mobile version of this website is available as well as iPhone and Android apps. See mobile viewing options for more information.